We know, we know :) But bear with us! We promise this will help you have the most effective and informative T3 seminar possible!

Our goal is to have you walk into the seminar with a great training foundation of what we are going to cover so that we are just fine tuning you, not teaching you from scratch. All of the students can then be relatively on the same page, each of you learn more, and we can go deeper into every concept...Everyone wins!

So! At the bottom of this page are links to the pre-work we would like you to do before the seminar - chances are that most of you know a good amount of this already. If you don't, we would like you to become familiar with the concepts and exercises, so we can all be starting off at a similar place :)

Of COURSE we will be going over all of these training exercises in depth, hands-on (that is what the seminar is for!), but we find that the more prepared the student, the deeper we can go in all aspects of the training. Make sense?

Also! If you own a prong collar and E-Collar, please bring them. If you don't own these tools, we highly suggest that you purchase them and bring them to the seminar so you can have your own tool to practice on and work with, during the seminar, and in the off hours. We will not be selling any supplies at the seminar (sorry!!).



The prong collars we use are Herm Sprenger brand, and you can buy them at quite a few places. The quickest option for you to get one now is most likely through through Amazon. I have linked both for a small and medium size below:

Medium 3.0 (medium to large dogs)

Small 2.25 (Very small to small dogs)



We will be demonstrating and working with the Educator E-Collar Technologies brand E-Collars, specifically the 300TS Mini. Same as the prong collars, the fastest way to grab one of these right now is through Amazon. I have linked the Mini and the larger, more powerful Boss below:


Educator 300TS Mini (for most dogs, small to large)

Educator Boss (for stronger, higher drive dogs)

If you have an ecollar that is any other brand (Dogtra, Garmin, etc), by all means, bring it!


Make sure you know the ins and outs of your ecollar - how to charge it, turn it on (ha!), the bells and whistles, momentary/continuous buttons, etc!




Have fun guys!!! Please let me (Laura) know if you have any questions!!