Before T3 I was training dogs for free or charging $20 a session at most. I was in search of a sustainable career working with dogs. I was making minimum wage at a local dog day care but couldn't wrap my head around entering the corporate world. For five years I lived this way and was beating myself up because of it. I come from a big family and all my brothers had successful "real" jobs, so when it came to the holidays and birthdays I felt a little embarrassed because I couldn't afford to buy my family anything.

What T3 provided me was life changing to say the least! The business plan combined with their self motivation philosophy is the recipe for success. Rather you're a trainer starting out or a seasoned dog trainer, T3 is sure to enhance your business and life at the same time. A couple of years ago was the first time I was able to buy my mother something nice for Mother's Day! This meant the world to me! Since then I relocated my business, bought a ring for my Fiancé and make more money then all of my brothers! So great. So necessary. So awesome. Forever grateful for T3 and family.

-Jeremy Majors, Majors Academy Dog Training (T3 Alumni August 2013)