"Business... is outstanding. I have a steady flow of dogs coming through my B&T and am always full. I'm maxed out at 4 at a time, but hope in the next month or two I can bump it up to 5 or 6. The work load is so much that I've been falling behind on the computer end of things. Thankfully, my wife just quit one of her jobs which will free up a HUGE chunk of time for her. She's going to be taking over everything on the back end for me. 

It's interesting how when you have something, you only want more. Just four months ago I was waiting tables to make ends meet. It's been six months since T3 and I quit my job, made a ridiculously expensive move across the country, moved into a house, and I'm richer than my parents combined. It just blows my mind and my wife and I look at each other and think, "I never thought we'd be this successful.”

I followed you guys for so long and I was so afraid to pull the trigger. I'm so glad my wife is as supportive as she is. If she said no (at the time coming up with the money was a HUGE deal), I would have just backed down and never known all the awesomeness that I know today.

You guys are incredible and catapulted us to the success level we are at. I feel at this point saying thank you is feeble. I hope that my growing success and my drive to help as many dogs as I can will be a comparable thank you to the new life you guys gave me."

-Josh Donahue, Argos DogWorks