I was at a point in my life where I felt like I hit rock bottom, my first dog had just passed, still in high school dealing with high school drama, working at a kiosk at the mall for $8.50/hour, just broken up with my girlfriend and everything just hit me all at once. In the end what really hit me hard more than anything was having my fury best friend pass away. Going to T3 I left with a whole new outlook on life. I was 17 years old, with a dream, with short term and long-term goals, someone living with a purpose. Having my first dog pass away really drove me to be the person and trainer I am now because in the end HE is the reason why I got into training and for every dog we rehabilitate I know my big guy is watching and is happy I was able to save another dogs life and keep them in a home. 

He is my “WHY” he is why strive to be better person and be the best I can be, he is my “why” I wake up early morning to get stuff done because he taught me valuable lessons. He taught me that anyone can change regardless their past and he taught me that time is something people take for granted, he passed at two years old but he damn well enjoyed everyday of it. Train the Trainers, Jeff, Sean and Laura helped me realize and opened my eyes to these lessons Georgie was trying to teach me all along. I never felt more empowered leaving T3, never felt more positive leaving T3. Jeff, Sean and of course the lovely Laura Morgan are the real deal and will help you find yourself like no one else.

Leaving T3 I definitely without a doubt knew this was my calling, this is something I am really good at. A few things I struggled in the beginning was realizing that I am going to get so much negativity from family and friends just because in the society we live in, dog training isn’t really a respected field in general, until they actually need your help. One thing that will never leave my mind that really stood with me and I really struggled with was the fact that because I looked so young, my credibility went right out the window. One quick story I was told by a client was when they first initially saw me coming down the driveway they said to themselves, “who is this kid, what the hell did we just get ourselves into” but in the end “once you opened your mouth and started explaining exactly what was going on and the psychology, ALL my doubts were gone”. You are never too young to start, if you want it you have to go get it because if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

We are pleased to say that after two years of being in business we are opening a new 6,000 square foot location in Medford, MA were we will being able to offer more to clients, and save that many more dogs. Having my father quit his full time job to come join me was probably the best feeling in the world. It was then I realized, I am now 19 and am financially stable, have my own business and LOVE what I do. It was a lot of work to get to the point where we need to be but I know for a fact that in the future it is going to be all worth it. You just need to find your “why” and T3 is where I found my “WHY”.

-Nelson Mendoza, The Happy K-9 Training and Rehabilitation (T3 Alumni March 2013)