Sean is the founder and head trainer at The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation, Los Angeles. The Good Dog is often the last stop for dog owners who have exhausted every other option and have still not found the help or results they need. In 2013, Sean was personally hired by Cesar Millan (The “Dog Whisperer”) to teach and train students alongside Cesar for his highly-acclaimed seminar Training Cesar’s Way in Santa Clarita, California.

Sean authors the popular blog The Good Dog Life Blog and recently released his first book, Love Them by Leading Them. Sean also released The Good Dog Training Series, a DVD series.  He trains rescue/shelter workers how to more successfully rehab shelter dogs, and travels the U.S. training other dog trainers who are eager to learn his unique approach, techniques, and philosophy, through his and Jeff Gellman’s Train The Trainers program. Sean is a proud member of The International Association Of Canine Professionals.