Is T3 LAUNCH right for you?

Do you have a small dog training or dog walking business, and you want to take your sales, income, and skills to the next level?

Is spending time and working with your dogs the best part of your day?

Are you working a job you aren't completely passionate about, and have dreamed about making a living in the profession of dog training?

Do you work at a shelter and are troubled by the amount of dogs you are unable to adopt out, that are being returned, or PTS because you or your staff are lacking the skills necessary to help?

Do you already train dogs part- or full-time and want to start incorporating new tools, techniques, and philosophies that will get you better results, more revenue, and more time for yourself?

Do you work at or own a doggy day care/boarding facility and want to add highly-effective training to the services you offer?

Have you always had a way with dogs, but you are unsure, unable, or afraid to create a business around your passion?

Are you currently a dog trainer and are struggling with pricing, client interactions, and the business and marketing aspects of training?

If you answered yes to any one or more of these questions, then T3 LAUNCH is right for you.

In this very special seminar, Sean and Jeff will share how to massively accelerate and excel-in both your hands-on training, as well as the often-overlooked and misunderstood business world of dog training. T3 LAUNCH is a fantastic opportunity to start your business or take your game to an entirely different level.

Jeff and Sean will show you how, even in difficult economic times, they have continued to grow their businesses at incredible rates.

They will share with you their unique and specialized training approach that has proven to be highly effective in addressing everything from everyday problem behavior to the most severe behavior problems - standard obedience to cutting edge E-collar training. Jeff and Sean have developed reputations as trainers who can handle any situation, and are often the last call before a dog is surrendered or euthanized.

Seven days of all-day intensive instruction, in both business and training, as well as breaks, lunches, and plenty of other time with Sean and Jeff to discuss anything and everything that you want to know.

Here are just a few things we will be covering:
• Basic and Intermediate Training
• Basic and Intermediate leash/prong collar obedience training
• Cutting Edge E-Collar Training, including Sean's unique indoor obedience and rehab program
• Learn Sean and Jeff's unique insights and philosophy to dog rehabilitation
• Which Tools to use, when and why
• Behavior Modification - resource guarding, leash reactivity, front door issues, counter surfing, jumping, nipping, mouthing, separation anxiety, etc.
• Business strategies and models
• How to transform your business by transforming yourself
• How to give your clients more while reducing your workload
• Utilizing social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - to massively expand your business
• How the marketing world has changed, and how you can be on the cutting edge of new marketing
• Getting the most out of your website - how your website can reduce stress, educate the client, pre-qualify the customer, lighten your work load, shorten phone time, and add value
• Automating your business - less stress, fewer hours, better customer experience
• Techniques for reducing stress and anxiety when working with clients and running a business
• Pricing/Fee structure - how your pricing should always reflect the value you share, how to move beyond fear and charge what you're worth, suggested price models
• Board and Train and In-Home training schedule
• Mastering trainer/client phone calls
• Customer service - the good kind and the bad kind!
• How to create know, like, and trust with clients before they've even spoken with you
• How to attract the perfect client
• Client interactions/interviews/coaching - role-playing client/trainer interactions
• Problem solving - with dog training there are always lots of problems to solve and creativity is always necessary, we'll share the insights and answers we've found successful
• Building community
• Leadership
• Sales growth
• Maximize profit by adding more value and working more effectively
• Develop the right mindset to be successful in training and business
• Socialization techniques and foundation
• How to better read dog body language
• Pack walk workshop - how you can safely walk a pack of dogs in high distraction areas
• Leash-Reactive dog workshop - we will demonstrate many techniques and strategies for dealing with this common situation
• Treadmill work (Rhode Island only)
• Getting a dog to swim (Rhode Island only)

*BRAND NEW to the program! 

  • Clicker Training Module with Brittney of Solid K9 Training
  • Social Media Module with Amanda of Jeff Gellman Media
  • 20 minute private consultation with Jeff & Sean 

We will provide breakfast and lunch, and yummy snacks throughout the day.

Once you have completed the course, you will have access to Jeff and Sean on the Facebook forum, resource lists, links to new materials, tips, and information, as well as webinars for an open discussion of anything else!

Another added bonus is the T3: Train the Trainers Alumni Facebook forum group, open only to past T3 Launch attendees, Jeff, and Sean, which has proven to be a mastermind forum for problem-solving both business and dog training issues. Everyone meets here to compare notes, ask questions about training strategies, clients, dog situations, issues, as well as gather support, encouragement, and be cheered on towards their goals. In an industry that can tend to be more competitive and isolated, this is a fabulous resource that almost every single one of our past attendees use on a daily basis. We strive to create a strong community of balanced trainers, with a support system that rivals anything that you have experienced in a seminar or mentorship, and this Facebook forum has proven to be a big part of this incredible community.

Many of our past students have gone on to quit their day jobs (!) and are now training full-time, with great financial success, while doing what they love to do. This is in part due to the wonderful, driven people that we have attending, but also to the incredible continued support from the community, as well as Sean and Jeff, and a die hard dedication to making the dreams of all of our seminar attendees come true. It may sound cheesy, but it is absolutely true - once you attend, you will find yourself part of a family that will push, cheer, and support you all the way to your biggest dreams, whatever they might be. We have made this our absolute mission - if you are ready to go, we are ready to help get you there!


$3900 for the 7-day program