Growing up, my parents did a great job of teaching me the value of money and the importance of being financially stable. As soon as I could work, I did, all throughout high school and college--doing my best to work hard and reach team lead and management positions. I enjoyed being a hard worker and a full time employee that others could depend on. I loved to see others succeed and wanted our workplace to thrive!

When my personal dogs started fighting and I dove into the world of dog behavior and training, I was hooked! I knew immediately, once I saw big changes in my dogs through what I was learning and the actions I was taking, that THIS was what I wanted to do.

 I had just finished my BS in Psychology at the University of Central Florida and was in a great job at the time--a full time veterinary assistant with an awesome boss and a steady paycheck. BUT, I wanted to train dogs and had no idea where to start and CERTAINLY had no idea how to make it into a business.

I heard about T3 through Jeff's WWJD Radio Show, and jumped on the opportunity to attend! Training Trainers?! It was perfect, because I wanted to be a dog trainer and I needed to learn how! Little did I know, I needed to learn some things about dogs, but more than that I had a lot to learn about myself.

I left T3 excited and empowered to take the next step, but I also left with an understanding that lots of things needed to change in my life. It wasn't until I got home, that I realized how scary the idea of leaving my "secure job" to pursue training was. I had always had people paying me, and telling me how valuable I was through the wage I earned--and now I was asking myself to be the one who determined that...and I was terrified. I realized how pre-programmed I was to the notion of having a "secure job", the benefits that went with it, and the responsibility I had to not jeopardize that. I was so afraid to take the leap, so afraid to believe in myself, and so afraid to live my dream. I was allowing my fear to stop me.

Fortunately, the best skill that I took away from T3 was a sense of discovering my self worth through personal development. You can have all of the talent in the world, but if you aren't working hard to be your best self, you'll never see your true potential. If I had never learned how to work on ME, I would have never been able to work on a business. Everyday I still work on myself and the direction of my life through the skills I learned at T3. In result, all of my personal relationships have drastically improved, I have more positive influences in my life now than I could ever have imagined, and of course my ambition and work status has changed. All because, I worked on ME! That fear that was stopping me, is now what motivates me smile emoticon

So, I made a goal, saved money, and trained part time for a while. I was working dogs at night and working full time hours at the vet's office during the day. It was an exhausting hustle, but it paid off! 

I attended my first T3 in March 2013 (I went back a second time which was absolutely even more game changing than the first!) and a year ago I started training dogs full time, making more money than I honestly EVER could have at my other jobs. Business has been so crazy that we are actually closing and moving into an amazing new location next week, as we quickly outgrew where we are currently! I am actually am putting financial contributions to my relationship and home that I never thought were possible. I have amazing clients that are waiting up to 3 months to work with me because of how busy I am (wild, right?!)--something that I NEVER would have imagined. I'm making a living and LOVING my life of helping people with their dogs. 

BUT, I never would have gotten here if I hadn't started working to change my mind, my thoughts, and my programming on ME. It was so scary...but so worth it smile emoticon I never would have found this courage without T3.

All I can say is THANK YOU to Jeff, Sean, and Laura for helping me understand that it's not just about dog training. It is so much more! T3, and the community within, is without a doubt the most empowering and supportive bunch of people I've ever met. They taught me (and still teach me!) that I was the only one holding myself back and that I am the key to my success-- for that I am truly grateful. T3 gave me knowledge, power, and the ability to make the life I wanted and live my dream! 

I never would have imagined this could happen and I want everyone to know: you have permission to live the life you want! 

Tori Smith, Take the Lead K9 Training (T3 Alumni March 2013)