Tori is a T3 Alumni who attended the first Train the Trainers offered in Rhode Island.  She was interested in dog training after she struggled to find balance in her pack, after many months of bloody dog fights. Her passion for improving the lives of dogs and their owners grew as she saw changes in her own life, and with her own dogs. The idea of a business was in it's infant stages (with only a name and Facebook page) when she attended her first T3 - within months, her T3 transformation had begun, as her business grew rapidly to become a successful board and train service in Orlando, FL. With a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida she focuses on helping clients, dogs, and other trainers reach their maximum potential through hands on work, continuing education, and personal growth.

Today, Tori and Take the Lead K9 Training are internationally recognized as one of the top dog training companies providing results second to none. With T3 as the catalyst to her success and growth, Tori is excited to help others achieve their dreams, as she did, through the values and message of T3!